Over 30000 Babies Born!
We don’t just base our success on creating life. We take great pride in knowing that our patient care is unrivaled. Our doctors, embryologists, scientists, technicians and support staff help make aParent IVF Laboratory the best of the best.

    • We perform more than 2,000 IVF cases annually.
    • We successfully helped produce the first In Vitro Fertilization pregnancy in Illinois. That baby is now 27.
    • We successfully produced the first pregnancy through the use of ultrasound-guided egg retrieval. That baby is now 25.
    • We offer the latest advances in Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) for single-gene defects, translocation and aneuploidy assessment.
    • We specialize in challenging cases and more than half of our patients are sent to us by other clinics.
    • We are proud to hold the designation of a Tyho-Galileo Center, which recognizes us for our commitment to ongoing research in human embryology and clinical excellence in assisted reproductive medicine.

We offer:

    • Full laboratory discussion by our team of embryologists.
    • One-on-one nursing consultation for all IVF patients.
    • Evening and weekend nursing consultations.