OVA Egg Freezing Launches

aParent IVF Laboratory Launches First-of-its-Kind Egg Freezing Specialty Center

After 30 years of helping to turn IVF patients into parents, the experts behind aParent IVF Laboratory are turning their attention towards another specialty: helping women everywhere preserve their fertility options.

OVA Egg Freezing Specialty Center recently launched their Chicago location along Michigan Avenue in the heart of downtown, becoming a first-of-its-kind lab-powered egg freezing-only program. Created by aParent IVF, with babies born from eggs frozen in its industry-leading lab, OVA Egg Freezing patients will experience first-of-its-kind care customized for women of every age, background and their various reasons for wanting to freeze their eggs.

Located in its brand new boutique-style clinic with sweeping city views, OVA women feel more like VIPs than patients. With round-the-clock support from personalized OVA nurses, help with injections and customized financial packages to fit every patient’s needs and budgets, OVA is a game-changer in the field of cryopreservation.


Patient Tribute for Dr. Brian Kaplan

Honoree at Path2Parenthood’s (formerly The American Fertility Association) Illuminations Chicago 2016

Recent Updates

We’re proud to celebrate our Dr. Brian Kaplan honored by Path2Parenthood (formerly The American Fertility Association) at their 2016 Illuminations Chicago Fundraiser for his commitment to the field of fertility and reproductive medicine.

PCRS Allied Health Professional Awards recognizes outstanding presentation of “Analytical Validation of a Novel Next-Generation Sequencing Based Pre-implantation Genetic Screening Technology,” with authors including Colleen Wagner Coughlin and Dr. Brian Kaplan.

Path2Parenthood (formerly the American Fertility Association) honors aParent IVF Laboratory Directory Colleen Wagner Coughlin with the 2015 Advocacy Award. Illuminations are the fundraising galas celebrating the work of individuals and organizations who have made a positive difference in the fields of fertility, reproductive health, and family building.

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